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Our Story

.Hello friend! So you want to know more about US?

When you look at the current skincare market, you’re bombarded with a lot of products telling you that brighter = more beautiful but we’d say that’s not true. ATHIT vision is to create a beauty community and ecosystem for tan lovers that keeps growing and provides quality product to help them look their best.


.You’re an INDIVIDUAL. Tell the world. Let it be known.


We at ATHIT believe in each individual’s natural beauty and celebrate the distinct qualities of highly diverse darker skin tones. Here you’ll find skincare and bodycare optimized for people with tinted colored skin in order to minimize their skin flaws and maximize their natural glow. We also have tanning products for people who wants to add a little more pop to their canvases.

As I grow up I became more and more aware of how flawed the concept of beauty is. When I started ATHIT, I came with a passion of changing the society’s view on the definition of what’s considered aesthetically pleasing skin tone. I believe ones that are a little painted or ones that are bucketful of color can be viewed as beautiful as well, although somehow, there’s not much products out there to treat these people right. That’s where ATHIT comes in.
— Jin Tasanavites, Managing Director

_It’s essentially NATURAL. 

The sun is the source of energy for life on earth. Creating a pure balance  That is why ATHIT has taken particular note of the powers of essential oils, plant-based and organic ingredients which gives life to the ATHIT only signature rich aroma and sophisticated texture. All products actively support the skin by boosting its natural mechanism to enhance its beauty. Nothing can beat the gifts from Mother Nature and the Sun!


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